Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Yep. Another one.

Some time ago (the exact, or even approximate, date currently escapes me) I joined an internet website called LiveJournal. It was at this time that I began what is called "blogging", although I didn't quite realize it at the time. I thought I was LiveJournaling. Ah, sweet innocence of youth. Either way, I maintained this "blog", if you will, for quite some time. I put pictures on it. I filled out surveys and personality quizzes. I joked, japed, and jested with my friends and well-wishers. All in all, it was a swell romp, but eventually I was putting less on it, and less often, and eventually it just lay down and died like a dog at the end of some poignant tale of loyalty. And so it remains to this day, petrified in the perfect image of life and on display in the museum called, well, I'll came up with a clever name another time. What I'm saying is, it's still there but I never use it. It's been abandoned. So why this? Why now?

I'm glad I asked. I abandoned the LiveJournal for many reasons, and most of them were valid, but it did leave something of a void. And only recently have I come to notice this void. If you check, you'll see I have two other blogs here already. One may appear defunct, but trust me, that's coccoonage. It will awake transformed. The other I use to post drawings I've done. I love to draw, and I love to share my drawings. They are, after all, for people to see and look at and view and enjoy. But in addition to my love of drawing, I also love to write. And the purpose of my writing would be to be seen and looked at and read and enjoyed. Also to waste time, look how much I've written here, and only just gotten to the point. What I'm saying is this: I am going to capital-R-wRite on this here blog. I will wRite to be Read. No announcements of festive gatherings, no "You are: The Red Teletubby!", no "Man, it's late. Anybody else can't sleep?", none a that! You can check all that on my MySpace, or FaceBook, or whatever other site I like to throw a capital letter in the middle of (except LiveJournal, that one's dead). Ruminations, introspections, memories, theories, brief fictions. Practice for when I really wRite for reals. Putting thoughts and emotions into sensible and engaging forms. That's what this is all about. And yes, some poetry, but only on rare occasions and most of it will be limericks. Saucy ones. There's a ripping one about a lady's bottom I'm working on!

Anyhow, that's the gist. Oh, as for the blog title, it's meaningless other than that I like rhyme, rhythm, and Sesame Street. So, next up will be my first attempt to Really wRite. I hope it goes better than this, though. Overall, I feel it was a little tRite.